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TNFImport Asterisk 18.x as comms/asterisk18.jnemeth2 years
pkgsrc-2020Q4Pullup tickets #6432 and #6434bsiegert3 years
pkgsrc-2021Q1Pullup tickets up to #6470bsiegert2 years
pkgsrc-2021Q2Pullup ticket #6499 - requested by niabsiegert2 years
pkgsrc-2021Q3doc: Pullup ticket #6552tm24 months
pkgsrc-2021Q4Pullup ticket #6597 - requested by bouyerbsiegert20 months
pkgsrc-2022Q1Pullup ticket #6646bsiegert18 months
pkgsrc-2022Q2Pullup tickets #6670 and #6671bsiegert15 months
pkgsrc-2022Q3Pullup tickets up to #6708bsiegert12 months
trunkdoc: Updated textproc/py-cmudict to 1.0.12gutteridge12 months
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2003-09-02Remove -R* options from the dependency_libs lines of *.la and *.lai files.pkgviews_mkjlam1-1/+10
2003-09-02Sync to HEAD before merging back.jlam4-14/+20
2003-08-31Add a README file that documents pkgviews and buildlink3.jlam1-0/+159
2003-08-31Move the PKGVIEWS file into buildlink3 and rename it "TODO". This filejlam1-6/+1
2003-08-31Okay, now that I've read the file and actually understand what it's tryingjlam1-48/+25
2003-08-31Also strip out -L@WRKSRC@ since the libraries may be in the top-leveljlam1-2/+2
2003-08-31Make USE_X11_LINKS=NO mean "don't add a dependency on x11-links".jlam1-7/+14
2003-08-31Pull in "depot" command from buildlink3 and use it consistently.jlam2-6/+19
2003-08-31Actually, make sure that we don't try to remove broken packages on thejlam1-9/+15
2003-08-31Check to see if DEPOTBASE is different from PKG_DBDIR as an optimization.jlam1-9/+23